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7050 32.768KHz有源晶振

Model RM 7050 KHz
Frequency Range 32.768KHz
Working Voltage 1.8V-3.3V
Frequency Deviation ±10~±30PPM
Operation Temperature -40~+85℃, or specify
Output CMOS
Package Size 7.0×5.0×1.3mm
Product Features:

▲ 7.0x5.0mm package, 32.768KHz clock crystal oscillator
▲ High precision ± 10PPM, high frequency stability
▲ Anti impact vibration, high reliability, low phase noise, and low jitter
▲ Compatible with multiple voltages (1.8-3.3V), low power consumption
▲ Rapid vibration as low as 1ms
▲ Compliant with RoHS and Reach certification standards, green and environmentally friendly
▲ Provide free FAE technical support
Applied to servers, mobile phones, network communication, audio devices, wearable devices, industrial, security, consumer electronics, etc

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