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Provide a full range of high quality quartz crystal resonators


Model RC 49SMD-4P
Frequency Range 3.579545~54MHz
Load Capacitance 12pF,20pF, or specify
Frequency Deviation ±10~±30PPM
Operation Temperature -20℃~+70℃,-40℃~+85℃
Package Size 12×4.7×5mm
Product Features:

▲ 49SMD-4P chip packaging, passive crystal oscillator
▲ ± 10ppm high precision, high frequency stability, and high reliability
▲ -40 ℃~+85 ℃ Industrial grade temperature resistance and high temperature resistance
▲ Excellent environmental resistance
▲ Compliant with RoHS and Reach certification standards, green and environmentally friendly
▲ Provide free FAE technical support
Applied to intelligent electronic products such as toys, desktop computers, household appliances, and automation equipment

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